Customer Reviews

We really value what our customers have to say about us and the products and services we offer. It helps us to look at what we do and make it even better. Below are a selection of customer reviews we have received. If you are one of our customers and would like to send us your review, please use the Feedback form.

Very Trusted Partners

“As a portfolio FD it is essential for me to have very trusted partners that I can introduce to my clients. Amazon have been my “partner” of choice on copiers for over 15 years on 4 clients. Not only very efficient, effective, knowledgeable but just real nice guys to deal with. Neil and his team are the complete opposite of the other companies I have inherited with those clients. Even when I have recently operated outside their geographical area they have been helpful in obtaining similar businesses to support my needs. Special mention to Chas too.”

Chris FitzGerald, Northampton.